How Do You Want To Respond When You Lose Your Favorite Thing

How Do You Want To Respond When You Lose Your Favorite Thing

How Do you want to respond when you lose your favorite thing? We plan for these moments in sport. For example, it helps if you know how to respond when you receive a bad call at a crucial moment in the match. Do you just react with your emotions or have a plan? How about when you make two unforced errors in a row? Do you have a plan for how to reset and start over? We use techniques such as visualization, rehearsing, and breathing techniques to equip us for those moments. These techniques work, and with practice, we get better at execution.

How about those moments off the court when the stress rises? Have you rehearsed for those moments? We get to role-play tough times in regular life, so we’re prepared when the next crazy or unexpected moment happens.  We’ve heard the adage that life is 10% what happens and 90% how you respond, so it makes sense to role-play situations so that when it happens, we know not only who we want to be but how we want to respond. Practice helps in most things, and this is no exception. So, who do you want to be when you get thrown off the horse?

Learning from other people who are good examples is certainly helpful. Then, we need to practice the techniques and be ready to apply what we learn because life doesn’t get easier, but we can get better at dealing with hard.

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