Your Will Is Your Best Asset

Your Will Is Your Best Asset

I’ve coached high-performance college athletes for twenty-four years. During this time of coaching at the highest level, I’ve learned a tremendous amount about the human spirit. I have evidence that participating in rigorous athletic training and development teaches us that our bodies can do much more than our minds often think. The mind is always either our best weapon or our biggest adversary. Recognizing this doesn’t make us weak. Quite the opposite, as we can become stronger when we face and address our weaknesses and fears.

The mindset of being able to do more than we think isn’t limited to only physical challenges. We can do more than we think when it comes to other areas, such as relationships, finances, and creativity. This has to do with having a growth mindset in all areas of our lives, including those that scare us.

Hard Comes First means that we can do more and that difficulty often precedes the best. I want everyone I care about to know and believe that they can do so much more and that a great life is out there waiting for us to live.