We have different types of beliefs. We believe in certain things, such as that the sun will rise tomorrow. We make statements that we believe that what goes up must come down. These are beliefs that seem inevitable. We also have religious beliefs, some of which have existed for thousands of years. Although we believe in religious thoughts that we don’t always see, we still believe there’s proof to back up our religious faith.

Many people believe in the NFL star quarterback Patrick Mahomes right now. He seems like a good person to believe in, and he’s earned our belief. However, we’re called to believe in people who don’t yet ultimately believe in themselves.  This is coaching! Believing in people who don’t quite believe in themselves as much as they one day could.

Let’s make things better. I’m challenging all of us to believe in people who don’t believe in themselves.  Their scoreboard says zero, zero, and there’s no concrete evidence that they’ll come out on top, and you go after them anyway. What they need is our belief to get them there. There’s nothing more significant than someone saying, “Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t believe in myself.” So attack that person in your work, school, and neighborhood with belief. I’m talking about someone you know who gets no attention or accolades.  You can be that person who takes a risk on that person. And it just might help you, too.

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