Be Present

Be Present

Think back to the last time you did something hard. Maybe it was something you needed to overcome that was in the way of something you wanted.  Or possibly something bad that caught you off guard and took you outside your comfort zone. Maybe is was something that you knew needed to happen, but you had avoided it until the pressure got so great it could no longer be avoided. When we’re honest, we usually surround these tough tasks with thoughts that include fear, anxiety, and nervousness. We’ve all been there.

FORECASTING IS ALMOST ALWAYS INVOLVED. This is the pattern or behavior of thinking about an outcome that may or may not come true. It doesn’t matter if it is an athletic competition, taking a test, or facing a challenge with work or family. There’s almost always some degree of forecasting involved.

Forecasting never helps with delivery, so the most important part of execution on game day is to stay in the present no matter what you’re facing. Let’s all join together and perform at a higher level in everything that we do by staying present.