True North & Hard Comes First

True North & Hard Comes First

Who we want to be regarding our values and greater purpose is often called our True North. It is the place on our compass that gives our lives meaning beyond tangible outcomes, which speaks to us and reminds us that our values are greater than our outcomes and that our outcomes come from our creator and values. The Hard Comes First story reminds us to keep our true north true, especially when life becomes difficult. We need to be reminded of this when times are good, so when we’re caught off guard with difficulty, we can stay the course during the storm because we likely don’t know the whole story yet.

The enclosed compass is a gift from my graduating players. During their time in college, they went through good times and bad. I’m encouraged that they learned that sometimes, Hard Comes First, and if they can stay true to what is true, they will grow beyond measure and have a rich life.

Stay Tuned. Hard Comes First is scheduled to come out in early June.